Monday, April 27, 2009

Mohawks, T-Ball, and Dog Treats

It warmed up enough this weekend so we could finally sleep with the windows open. That is one of the things that I look forward to the most. Some nights it gets cooler and I have to snuggle under the covers, but I love it even if it's a bit chilly when I step out of bed. Both Gavin & Ainsley get really hot when they sleep so I think that they enjoy it, too.

For about a week, Gavin wanted his hair spiked in the morning. This was a big change from the kiddo who never wanted anything done to his hair. Suddenly, he wants a line of spikes--right down the middle. A mohawk of sorts. Gavin got his hair cut last week and wanted a mohawk cut. I asked Helen to make it a kind of faux-hawk because I was afraid that he wouldn't want it after it was done. And sure enough, the next morning he didn't want it done. He just wanted it to lay flat. Whew...I think we would have had one unhappy camper if there had been a well-defined stripe of hair down the middle of his head.

We finally got to have a T-Ball practice on Friday night. The way it works in our league is that the kiddos have their coach pitch the ball to them 3 times before the batting tee is put out for them to hit off of. This gives them the opportunity to learn to hit a ball, and a backup if they are struggling a bit that night. Gavin connected with the ball the 2 times he was up to bat and loved it. Good job, Gavin!!

Ainsley is everywhere these days, exploring all corners of the house. She's figured out how to let our small dog out of her cage. The black lab usually gets left in her cage because Ainsley hasn't discovered that there are actually 2 latches that keep Abby's cage shut. It won't take long, though. Her other favorite is to open a cabinet in that room that holds the dog's treats. Adrian discovered her sitting on the floor with both dogs seated in front of her and a bag of their treats in her lap. She would reach into the bag, pull out a biscuit, and feed it to one of the dogs. We were surprised that Abby didn't just knock her over and run off with the whole bag of biscuits. Nope. There she sat, waiting patiently for Ainsley to get another treat out of the bag, then gently taking the treat from Ainsley's hand when it was offered. Lots of fun to watch, but not something that we want to allow everyday.

We've got a few baby appointments this week. I'm 28 weeks tomorrow...only 84 days 'til the due date. I can't believe how fast it's going by. Gavin loves to feel Baby Jabba moving around in there and tells me that he can hear her talking to him. So sweet!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Fun video!

I saw this video online & had to share it. Looks like a lot of fun--enjoy!
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