Friday, February 19, 2010

A good night

I'm amazed by my kids. I love to watch them play together, help each other, volunteer for the occasional chore, figure out how a toy works or how to take it apart, or anything. I just love hanging out with them. I love the way they pile on Adrian on the sofa. And I love the way it makes him happier than anything. That's a good night at our house. Dinner, baths, jammies, and 4 of my favorite people all together.

Of course, if you know my kiddos (or have any of your own), you know that these moments can be fleeting. It usually starts by someone being silly, or jockeying for another spot, or some unwanted assistance. Skylar still gets a little overwhelmed when Gavin & Ainsley start being silly and loud, so she's usually the first one in tears. But it all works itself out. These kids are awesome, and we're so blessed to be their parents!!