Thursday, July 2, 2009

2 weeks left!!

Only 14 more days 'til we get to meet our baby girl! The C-section is scheduled for July 17th, 7:30am. Adrian & I have a few more things to do to get ready for her arrival. Gavin is camping with Mimi Julie & Papa Ken this weekend, so we've got plenty of extra time to prep. Thanks, Mom & Dad!!!

Ainsley has been learning some new tricks lately. She's started to stand on her own--without pulling herself up on furniture or the closest available leg. She'll straighten her legs, put her toosh up in the air, then straighten to a stand. She applauds herself and gets irritated if you don't do the same. We make a big deal out of it everytime, especially Gavin. He's so proud of her and will occasionally knock her down while giving her a hug & kiss. Woohoo, Beanie!!

Ainsley is starting to communicate a lot more. It's her own "language" some of the time but it gets her point across. She clearly understands what we say to when we ask her to close a cabinet that she shouldn't be in. Usually she follows the instructions; other times she just turns & smiles. "Message received, Mom, but the stuff in here looks like more fun than my toys--thanks!"

The cooler weather this week has been a welcome break from the heat & humidity. Gavin has a T-ball game tonight and it will be a GREAT night to be outside. Finally! Now we just need it to stay this temperature for a bit longer. Makes the last weeks of the pregnancy so much more enjoyable. It hasn't been bad, and the end is soooo close. It will just be nice to be able to hold Gavin & Ainsley a bit closer. And of course to hold our baby!!

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