Friday, February 13, 2009

It's a Girl!!

I'll use this first post to announce our big news -- It's a Girl!! She is doing well and is scheduled to join our family around July 21st.

Gavin had been hoping for a little brother and didn't take the news well. Ainsley just watched as he got mad and cried about how unfair it was because he had told everyone that he wanted a boy. He's a great big brother to Ainsley, so I know that he'll be excited after he's had a chance to adjust.

Adrian and I are just grateful to hear and see that everything looks as it should. Lots of prayers have been answered!

Gavin helped me make Valentine's Day presents last night, so we'll spend part of our Saturday making deliveries. He's such a big help--even doing dishes to help with the cleanup. What a guy!

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