Friday, February 20, 2009

New 'do!

Adrian & the kiddos got their hair cut last night. Gavin went with his classic super-short cut. And Ainsley stole the show with her first "big girl" haircut. As Helen finished clipping the ends, my baby disappeared. Suddenly there was this little girl on my lap...isn't she cute?!
We got the final call on the testing for Baby #3 and everything looks good. We keep the name a secret until she's born, but it's decided. Adrian & I are still working on the "punishment" for telling. Probably a choice of movie rentals, or restaurant for a dinner out. Not a major infraction, so not a major punishment.
Gavin has been picking up some new phrases. My favorite is "what the word?!" I think he means "what in the world" but it's not quite there yet. He has the timing right...usually said when he's surprised. He left instructions for Miss Dana to tell him about everything that happened in Ainsley's therapy today. Lately he gets upset if he has school and misses therapy. So sweet the way he's watching out for Ainsley and wanting to be involved in what she's doing!

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