Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cure for Cabin Fever

We've been enjoying the warmer weather here in central IL lately. Gavin & Ainsley love being outside, and Adrian & I love how well they sleep after a busy day outside. (We're seriously blessed to have such good sleepers, even when they haven't been outside!)

Gavin has been starting to spend more time on his bicycle. I'm hoping that we can take the training wheels off sometime this summer.

Ainsley had fun visiting with the neighbor girls. She is crawling everywhere, so there are times that I have to take her out of the stroller and let her crawl and explore...even if that means that she's crawling on the sidewalk or driveway. Clothes were made to be washed, right? Maybe this will encourage her to start walking sooner since dragging bare knees on concrete won't be a fun way to spend the summer.

We had our IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan) meeting this week. We get together with the therapists and the service coordinator to review Ainsley's progress and re-work our goals for the next 6 months. Ainsley is doing great--learning to do all kinds of new tasks! Our goals for her include things like making more progress towards walking. She can walk with the assistance of a push-toy that we added some weight to, but she will not seek it out to help her get from point A to point B. She still prefers to crawl. That will change as she learns to walk faster, then figures out that she can get around faster by walking than by crawling.

Gavin sat at the table with us and reviewed the paperwork as the therapists presented their information. When he'd had enough of that, he went to the kitchen and recruited Miss Dana to help him make chocolate chai for our visitors. Such a sweetheart!

Adrian has been working hard on the Citizens for Growth committee. Litchfield has a proposal on the April 7 ballot about increasing the sales tax rate by .5%. You can read all about it at: www.growlitchfield.com I think that this is something that Litchfield desperately needs. Now we just have to convince the majority of the voters.

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