Monday, March 30, 2009

Local news

I am an employee of Schutt Sports, and one of the issues that our management team is considering is consolidation of our facilities. We currently have 4 facilities: 3 in Litchfield, IL and one in Salem, IL. As a way to make the company run better, moving everything under one roof has become an option. Schutt is asking for help from the city of Litchfield to help fund an expansion of one of our current facilities.

One of the important steps in this process is the question on the ballot on April 7. A website has been developed to explain why the passage of this proposition would be so beneficial to Litchfield:

There have been several letters published in the local papers in support of the 1/2% increase in sales taxes. One of them is here. This is great!

So if you are a Litchfield resident and registered voter, vote YES on April 7. Thanks!

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