Friday, June 19, 2009

Catching up

Last week was a busy one with VBS, a day at the zoo with Gavin & a friend, Gavin's 5th birthday, and the Buddy Walk. I'm not sure where this week went but it has flown by, too.

I'll have to post pictures of the zoo later--they're on another camera. We took a friend of Gavin's with us and the boys had a blast together.

Gavin's party was Saturday. He helped me decorate his birthday cake that morning. He had requested an airport cake. What does that look like, Gavin? He told me that it needed airplanes and a road for them. Whew! No building construction project, just planes. Much easier to accomplish. Adrian had picked up some toy airplanes to decorate the cake and Gavin insisted that all of them go on the cake. Then he went & found one that he already had and put that one on, too. It was more than I had intended on putting on there, but what fun is it to have the birthday boy help if I can't let him put what he wants on there. I wanted to write "Happy Birthday Gavin!" but birthday boy vetoed that, too. Here's the finished product:

Not professional, but not CakeWrecks worthy either, I don't think.

Gavin got so many nice things for his birthday and the big hit were the golf clubs from Mimi Julie & Papa Ken. He had to go try them out in the yard immediately.

Aunt Silly & Uncle Mark hooked him up with some plastic practice balls (our cars & windows will be much better off this way--thank you!) and a glove that looks big and fits surprisingly well. Yes, Gavin's going to be a big guy.

The weather was perfect & we all relaxed outside on the porch. Ainsley played with Mrs. B while Gavin took a few swings with his new clubs. She's much happier when we get her out of her high chair and let her sit in a regular chair. She's doing well with turning over onto her tummy to get down from chairs & sofas, so Adrian & I are a lot more comfortable with letting her sit there like a big girl. It was a bit scary when she didn't understand or respect the power of gravity and the distance between a chair and the floor. Much better now!

Sunday was the Buddy Walk in Forest Park, St. Louis. Ainsley had quite a turnout for her team--thank you to everyone who was able to join us! This is our 2nd year at the Buddy Walk and plan on doing it every year. It's an easy one-mile walk through the park, followed by lunch. There are lots of things for the kids to do: crafts, games, and plenty of bounce-houses. Those are always Gavin's favorites, no matter the venue. A local radio station provides music and a lot of the kiddos end up dancing. It's so much fun!

This year we tailgated after lunch, just to give everyone a chance to hang out together a bit. Gavin relaxed with Chase in the back of the Yukon while everyone visited & ate goodies. He adores his cousin and can't wait 'til Chase is able to run & play in the back yard or park. Soon enough, Gavin!

The countdown to Baker Baby #3 is down to 27 days. Ainsley will be glad to get my lap back, I think. It's getting tougher to hold her in the rocking chair for bedtime stories. Gavin is still enjoying feeling Baby Jabba moving, especially after I read to him at night. She seems to wake up and respond to his voice, much to his delight. He's been a big helper for me when my energy is running low, but has told me that he wants me to be able to ride bikes & scooters or play soccer with him soon. It's on the top of my To-Do list as soon as I can do it, little man, I promise.

I'll post some more pics of our fun week a bit later....

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Steph said...

The cake looks wonderful, Jen :)
Thanks for inviting me on the Buddy Walk - I had a wonderful time!