Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Messes are fun!

The kiddos decided that it would be fun to empty the toybox. Fun for them, anyway. No one was too keen on helping me put the mess away. No worries...a few of them didn't find their way back into the box. As you can see from the mess, there's no way that those ones will be noticed. Gavin helped me relocate a few back to the playroom, then pick up a bunch of toys there. Ainsley amused herself by playing with Play-Doh and all the pieces. How is it that a little girl that isn't 2 can open a can of Play-Doh when Mommy struggles with a few of them? Good job, little girl!

Ainsley is starting to toddle around the house using the push-toy (just behind her head in the pics). She reminds me so much of Gavin. That was his first foray into walking. They figured out that they can get around faster than if they crawl. Bad news is that the wheels don't turn left or right; they only go straight. It didn't take either one of them long to figure out to stop, redirect, then start going again. Ainsley tends to talk as she walks. It's like a warning alarm that the Bean is on her way to wherever you are, so shut cabinets and relocate anything that might not be the best toy for her. She's so much fun!!

We should finally have Gavin's first T-ball game this Friday night. This should be the 4th game of the season but central IL has gotten a lot of rain. So we're praying for no more rain this week so the fields can dry & be ready for Friday. I'll post pics if the game actually happens....


Steph said...

You can tell they were having fun, Mom!

Jenny said...

Oh I love your blog! I am so glad you are in the blogging world now! How long have you been here, have I missed it for a while?