Thursday, October 7, 2010

Baby Signing Time

Best Buy is having a sale on the Baby Signing Time collections today:

Volumes 1-3 This is normally $59.98 and is on sale for $14.99

Volumes 4-7 This is normally $99.95 and is on sale for $14.99

Shhhh...don't tell Ainsley, but I picked up Volumes 4-7 for her Christmas present. Mimi Julie got her volumes 1-4 for her birthday this year. She's been watching them & learning signs very quickly. Her speech is delayed and these have been great! She is communicating with us a little more each day. These DVDs are her favorite thing to watch, especially while we're making dinner. The songs are catchy and most of the signs are pretty easy to pick up. (I know, we've already got one of those DVDs, but it was a package I guess I'll have a DVD to give away.)

Skylar & Gavin enjoy watching them, too. Gavin is always anxious to use the signs he's learned and practice with Ainsley. These aren't something that are made specifically for children with Down Syndrome, but they have helped our little lady a lot.

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Tami Leitz said...

Holy Cow that is like the deal of the century, thank you! We just get them from the library. My daughter will be thrilled, and my husband likes them too.