Thursday, October 14, 2010

To screen or not to screen?

When we were expecting Skylar, our third baby, we had a choice to make about prenatal testing. It wasn't something that we did the first time. And we only got the echocardiogram and amnio after Ainsley was diagnosed with a heart defect.

We live in a rural town and have a great hospital. But it is not equipped to handle the needs of a newborn with heart problems. That's why we decided to have Ainsley delivered at Barnes-Jewish which is next to St. Louis Children's Hospital. She was being monitored by a cardiologist at Children's and would have her heart surgery there when needed.

So when Skylar came along, we only did the prenatal testing so that we could make an educated decision about where to deliver and what specialists (if any) to have lined up for her. Thankfully, that was not what was needed and we were able to stay in town.

We made the decision before we started having babies that they were a gift from God. Period. We would welcome any children that He gives us. I am not against prenatal testing. I just pray that it is used carefully.

When expectant mothers are given a diagnosis of Down Syndrome for their unborn children, 90% choose to abort. 90%!!! My heart breaks for those families because they will not know the unconditional love that a child with Down Syndrome can bring to their lives.

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