Saturday, October 16, 2010

Beautiful Anya

The Reece's Rainbow family is mourning the loss of a beautiful little girl that we knew as Anne Marie. Her real name was Anya and she was waiting for her forever family. She was in an orphanage, probably abandoned because of her diagnosis of Down Syndrome.

Her birthday was November 25, 2005. She was almost 5 years old. She spent most of her days in her crib. The workers at the orphanage wouldn't let her crawl or play, explaining that it was too hard on her heart. That poor little heart of hers never got the chance to know what it felt like to be loved by a mommy or daddy, brothers or sisters.

Anya was placed in a low-stimulation room. And that's where she stayed. To families that visited to pick up their angels that asked about her, the workers waved her off as if she wasn't worth their time.

She is now with her Heavenly Father that has more love for her than she's ever known. He will hold her close and give her the love that she was never shown here on Earth. Please pray for the children in these and other orphanages, that their families will find them quickly and bring them home to shower them with the love and hugs that they have been missing.

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