Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"They" are a part of "us"

The article above talks about how several responders to an article called "Is it Harder to Have a Child with Down Syndrome?". Part of the article is about autism and how adults with this diagnosis have become a part of our society. "Alternatively, we can dispense with the layers of sorrow, and interpret autism as but one more wrinkle in the fabric of humanity... This does not mean pretending that adults with autism do not need help. But it does mean replacing pity toward them with ambition for them. The key to this view is a recognition that 'they' are a part of 'us,' so that those who don't have autism are actively rooting for those who do."

Ainsley, just like Gavin or Skylar, needs someone to recognize her strengths and help her make the best use of those to be an active member of society. Adrian & I have been rooting, and praying for, our children before they were born. And cheering them on is one of the best parts of being parents!

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