Monday, October 11, 2010

Family room football

Gavin is a big football fan. He loves to play in the family room with anyone willing to follow his lead. And that's usually adoring sister #1. Ainsley. Neither one is too concerned with the actual rules, only the rule of taking turns and occasionally the rule about not rough-housing on the furniture.
I'm not sure if Ainsley enjoys football as much as she just loves playing with Gavin.

Jersey color doesn't matter much when neither one bothers with a shirt at all. The sides even change. One minute they play against one another, the next minute they are on the same team and playing against an invisible team that seems to tackle Gavin but never Ainsley.

And what good is a game without fans to cheer on both sides?

Love these games! And this post isn't so much about Down Syndrome as it is about how it's not always a "thing"; not always a factor in every part of our lives. Our kids love playing together and no one minds what the chromosome count is. Only whose turn it is to tackle whom.

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