Thursday, October 28, 2010

21 Things about Ainsley

1. If you ask her what her name is, she tries to say "Bean." We've called her Beanie since before she was born.

2. Ainsley is a Daddy's girl. She will rush the front door when he comes in, yelling "Daaaaa!!" and demanding hugs.

3. Her favorite food is yogurt. Any flavor. She will open the fridge herself, get a yogurt out, then go get a spoon. So glad she can't open them yet!

4. A very close second favorite is cheese.

5. Ainsley knows how to turn on the iPod, unlock it, and go play "her" games.

6. Her cheeks get very, very dry as soon as the humidity starts getting low. Before the weather gets cold, she'll already have cheeks that look chapped. We've tried a crazy number of lotions & creams trying to find one that works well without multiple daily applications or greasy cheeks.

7. Beanie doesn't like having her hair done each morning, but seems to really enjoy it when people tell her how nice she looks. She understands compliments and loves to get them!

8. "Baby Signing Time" is her favorite thing to watch and she'll ask for it by signing it.

9. We're still teaching her how to drink out of a regular cup. She likes to put her tongue on the top and that can be pretty messy.

10. She was born with an AV Canal defect. Her little heart was repaired October 26, 2007, a day before she was 3-months old. When that anniversary came & went, and we didn't realize until the next day, it was an amazing feeling to not have to worry about her heart anymore. What a blessing!!

11. After baths, I like to turn on the radio & have a dance party with the kiddos. Ainsley is a great dancer and loves to show us her moves. And then she gets upset when she has to stop so that I can do her hair.

12. She likes to brush her teeth. On. Her. Own. Do NOT try to take the first turn or she'll get mad. So she brushes first, then we follow up.

13. While we're talking about baths, she HATES it when I have to get her hair wet. Even when we get her to tilt her head back so the water doesn't run in her face, she still gets mad and tries to climb out.

14. She's allergic to egg whites and tree nuts.

15. Beanie loves spicy food. Buffalo chicken pizza is one of her favorites.

16. She likes to go to bed with a book. She'll crawl up onto the sofa with a book & sit there and look at each page. We love that she loves to "read" already!

17. Bean knows her schedule at school and notices if something changes. She receives PT, OT, and Speech services. Luckily, she doesn't miss much in her classroom. And she's doing soooo well in school!

18. She wears a 3T or 4T top, depending on the length. Her pants are 24 month or 2T. Shoes are 7W.

19. Ainsley likes to play with puzzles, Little People, a mini tool bench, and tries to get to Gavin's Legos.

20. She does chores like feeding Abby, putting everyone's shoes away in the closet, and picking up the dirty clothes from the bathroom floor after their bath.

21. Ainsley is a local celebrity. Whenever we're out, people wave & tell her "Hi, Ainsley!" And these are sometimes people that we don't recognize. But we always knew that she's a pretty big deal!


Ruby's Mom said...

I loved reading these!My Ruby get's so excited when her Daddy comes home too.
What a cute nickname :)

Becky said...

i love that little bean!